Client: MS​ Iceland diaries

Agency: Hvíta húsið

Art directors: Helga Valdís Árnadóttir, Lóa Dís Finnsdóttir

Years: 2012 - 2019

It was a huge and fun experience to produce a different type of media depending an a product which needs to be advertised, if it is a cheese or yogurt. Ísey skyr also gave an opportunity and experience to work, collect and produce ad materials for an international database.    

During the past 7 years, MS Iceland diaries was one of the biggest complanies to work with offering a huge variety of projects including designing inhouse christmas cards, invitations and posters, power point and keynote presentations, advertising materials both for printing and social media, web banners, bouklets, brochures with recepies, package designs, illustrations, exhibition banners and so on.

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